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Plan B

October 12, 2011

Image: Courtesy of Korean Air

In this economy many people are looking to fallback plans for their careers. The New York Times has a great piece all about it, which you can read here. Do you have one? You know, that option B, the in case of emergency contingency plan. That career path you’d have in another life. Or maybe even your life right now.

I would be a flight attendant for an airline whose uniforms are adorable; those Korean Air attendants are so chic in white and turquoise, I die. Side note—does Kate Spade still design the uniforms for JetBlue? Does JetBlue even still exist? I’d even have a Plan B for my Plan B, a fallback for my fallback—a bartender in an interesting place like Key West or New Orleans because think of the stories you’d get! I should note, I’d predictably be one of the world’s worst flight attendants or bartenders for the same reason … just like in “Cocktail,” I’d cop a major attitude the second someone asks me to sling them a Cuba Libre. Oh they’d get the side eye for sure on that one.

My brother, who has a big, fancy word like “partner” in his present job title, once told me he would be a plumber. Seriously. Another time he told me he’d be a cross-country coach at a high school. My sister, who has a smarty pants Ph.D. next to her name, dreams of being a trash collector. No joke. She explains that the hours are conducive to her schedule (she’s an early riser) and since she’s not queasy at all, I personally think it’d be the perfect fit. Her husband’s answer—a NYC or Vegas cab driver, and boy would I like him driving me around! He’d be the coolest person to talk to, believe me, you’d never want to get out of the taxi. You’d be cracking up and likely exchanging numbers to buy the guy a beer after his shift.

A good friend from college while in graduate school decided she’d like to take a course to become a certified nail technician. Not sure if it was just because she wanted to become an expert on her own cuticles or as a fallback plan, like just in case the patent law career doesn’t pan out, I can always give a good manicure. My best friend in Atlanta, who is a marketing genius, would open a sandwich shop serving only the tastiest lunchtime staples around. My sister-in-law has told me that one of the best jobs she ever had was working at William’s Sonoma. She’s a wonderful cook, and I could see her thriving there, despite the law and MBA degrees.

My television writer and producer husband would be a butcher. Oh, to be the butcher’s wife. I’d be such a happy cow sausaging into my fabulous uniform with the best snacks on the flight. Here’s to fallbacks, and Plans A through C.