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Best of the Fests

June 6, 2012

If you would’ve told me this time last year that I’d be about to cover a four-day music festival on a 700-acre farm in the middle of Tennessee for work, I’d think you were crazy. And after you read the danapop piece slated in a couple of weeks in which I drop a bit of news, you’ll realize I am in fact the one that’s nuts.

Yes, I’m headed to Bonnaroo. While covering an event like this is incredibly rewarding and certainly one of the perks of the job, it’s very hard work. It’ll be filled with loads of running around to secure interviews, capture specific images, and well, just being in the right place at the right time. I cannot wait to see Radiohead, Bon Iver, the Avett Brothers, Rodrigo y Gabriela with C.U.B.A., the Temper Trap, the Shins–and oh my goodness–Kenny Rogers and Alice Cooper. It’s going to be amazing.

For all the running around, I know I’ll need a few great pieces to wear throughout the long days and nights in the sweltering Southern heat. The clothing needs to be lightweight and practical, while also still being cute and professional all at once. That means my beloved wedges are obviously out, as are stifling synthetic fabrics. As much as I want to pack this donut (I’m obsessed with this girl’s tutorial. Not sure if it’s the accent or the braces or her use of the phrase “bobby clips,” but I think it’s hilarious.) though, I’m afraid it should be saved for a fancier occasion where tank tops and Toms aren’t involved. Well, that and the fact that I chopped off some significant inches last week, inspired from this chic style, here.

Hairstyles aside, are you headed to a big music fest this year? Here’s the roundup of festival clothes and accessories ready for the packing.

1. Seagrass Trilby, Topshop 2. Tribal  Zig Zag Strap Dress, Shop Sosie 3. Dr. T’s Supergoop! Sunscreen Swipes, Beso 4. The Canvas Snapshot Bag, Madewell 5. Ahoy Stripe Tank Top, Quicksilver 6. Gypsy Tour Thresher Nap Shorts, Quicksilver 7. Elastic Strap Gladiator Sandal, American Eagle Outfitters 8. Wayfarer #31, Deck Specks 9. Lemlem Losha Gauze Scarf, J. Crew 10. Double Layer T-Shirt, Oasis