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Better than the Ice Cream Man

January 12, 2010

Photo Courtesy Dessert Truck

With the holiday season behind us sometimes it’s nice just to have a little something made without heavy cream in the form of a casserole dish; something portable. Now seems like as good of a time as any to talk about one of most current food trends … the food cart.

When I was young this just meant an overpriced bomb pop served by some creepy dude that was likely counting back change to kiddos stoned. But, now, as an adult, it means goodness in a portable wrapper-burritos, fish tacos, pizza, falafel, Korean … mmmm burritos.

And I’m not talking fast food, here, but the carts and trucks that are the lifeline to a city. Some of this popularity is in fact what’s in the container, the other, is the score of finding the truck (a Twitter account helps) while they tussle with permitting. Here’s a look at some of the most buzz-worthy trucks cruising the streets beyond the bomb pop.

So here’s to the New Year and a new decade of eating diverse (local) foods. And for all of you readers in cities with the tasty food cart, be sure you post your favorites. Stay hungry my friends, stay hungry.


Photo Courtesy Skillet

BBQ Island
Dessert Truck

Farm 255

Green Truck

Hellava Falafel

Jay Jay’s Good Food Truck


Moya Taco
* This is rumored to be gone by Chowhound, but i do not have confirmation. I had to list in the hopes that Moya is still alive and kicking; if not, a big tear.
On the Fly

Rickshaw Dumplings

Roli Roti


Taquria Star

The Mighty Cone

The Sweets Truck