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Dream Destination

May 11, 2010

Courtesy of Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge

Maybe it’s because I’m reading The Wishing Year by Noelle Oxenhandler in which she writes about the notion of “putting it out there.” Or maybe it’s because, before the age of 11, I’d never lived in one place longer than three years. Perhaps it’s because last month I took over as DailyCandy Atlanta Editor, and while I love it, it’s a stressful position, and when I’m feeling overworked I dream up places I’d like to visit. Whatever it is, I’ve got the travel bug bad.

We’re heading to Krakow in August (Budapest and Prague hopefully will make the cut too) for a dear friend’s wedding. In the beginning stages of planning, I realized it would likely have never been on my list of places to see in my lifetime. I mean, I’m thrilled to go, but don’t know if I would’ve made it to Poland otherwise.

So, where would I like to go? Well, since I’m dreaming, here’s my must-see travel list, and my proactive approach to “putting it out there.”

Courtesy of Lemuria Resort of Praslin

Basically I’ve had a fascination with the Indian Ocean for most of my life. The Maldives and all those itty-bitty specks on a map that don’t have names (and if they do they are called Cockatoo or Christmas Island) and take forever and a day to get to. But, the image of the Seychelles is always my go-to happy place.

Courtesy of Patagonia Camp

This one is more for my man than me. But, I think it’d be the perfect combination for both of us … he could hike to his heart’s content surrounded by untouched nature on the edge of the Earth and I could be surrounded in my third glass of Argentinean malbec.

Courtesy of Hotel Albergo Villa Marta

Italia … anywhere
For our 5-year anniversary we started to plan a trip to Italy. And well our budget got the better of us, so we decided to be responsible adults and forgo the trip. But, I dream of riding bikes along roads in Italy, speaking choppy Italian and gorging myself on cheese, smoked meats, and flatbread (and prosecco).

Courtesy of COMO Shambhala Estate

Not to sound like I’m totally going through 2 out of 3 on Elizabeth Gilbert’s quest in Eat, Pray, Love … Bali. It had me at an episode of E!’s Wild On I saw back when I was in college, it just seems so far off, spiritual, and yes, Gilbert wrote it—balanced—my idea of perfect.

Courtesy of the Viceroy

Palm Springs, California
I’ve traveled a lot throughout the U.S., and even seen the bulk of California, but I’ve never stopped in Palm Springs. Maybe it’s the pictures of Coachella loaded with skinny starlets all coked out in their cute jumpers, gigantic shades, and fedoras … at any rate, I’ve always wanted to go and always wanted to stay at the iconic Viceroy.

Courtesy of Riad AnaYela

Last, but not least, Morocco—specifically Marrakesh. The maze of markets alone would likely cause me panic, but that’s the beauty in travel … getting outside your comfort zone. And every now and then we could all use that push into the scary.

To make traveling a bit easier, the first danapop giveaway from my friends at Malcom Fontier. Comment on where you want to go and why and you could win a free Mojito travel wallet. Their travel wallets are fantastic for organizing all your cards (and money too) plus, it’s flat enough to tuck into a pocket or toss into a purse.