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The Pop Five

April 5, 2013


Right now, I’m in Siesta Key, visiting my inlaws. Between now and Sunday, I have plans to dive into a plate of peel-and-eat shrimp, take oodles of photos of Margaret splashing in the pool, soak up as much sun and ocean air as possible, and get my first sip of a quality margarita since I had the baby. Here’s to a wonderful weekend!


Have you heard of Yogascapes? DailyCandy clued me in and oh-my-goodness, I must start saving for a trip!

Image: Courtesy of Bill Tipper / Yogascapes


This article, Drive-Thru Marketing: Bite-Sized Marketing for an Impatient World, is about how much information consumption has changed with social media and it’s worth a read (even though it’s more than 1,000 words).

Image: Courtesy of

How cool does this project look? It gives me chills! Could you imagine?


I had such a social weekend last weekend (filled with really good food). On Saturday, we went here, and then the next night, feasted on roast chicken and banoffee pie over to friend’s house. At the Saturday dinner, I had cannelloni with Swiss chard and a mushroom ragout, which I must try to recreate at home. I’ll begin my attempt with this recipe.

Image: Courtesy of

I’m reeling a bit in the family and friends I saw a couple of weeks ago when I went back home. My feelings of traveling home have changed a lot through the years. There was a long period where I didn’t love going home and the way it made me feel.

round my hometown, memories are fresh

I now know Leavenworth holds my roots, Atlanta, my wings.