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The Pop Five

August 2, 2013


We’re taking a long-weekend to Cincinnati to visit Dan’s family, and likely on an airplane with a peacefully sleeping baby (wishful thinking), as you read this. I cannot wait for Margaret to see her cousins, Grandma, Grandpa, aunts and uncles. So fun!

Here are my favorites from the week.



Scoutmob curated a very cool event this week with a screening of the documentary A.K.A. Blondie, the infamous dancer at the Clermont Lounge. It was a great night out and I loved seeing the film in the recently renovated Plaza Theatre.


On Tuesday, I met a friend at Guy Wong’s Yum Bunz. His latest offering of dim sum is pretty good for a fast-casual concept and it appears they’ve worked out many of the kinks I heard about when it opened early last month.

Image: Courtesy of Yum Bunz


Speaking of fast-casual restaurants, can we talk about the fake Chipotle twitter hack? Please tell me that as a society we have better things to do than go on a scavenger hunt created by some corporate suit that thinks this is a cool idea, followed by nonsensical 140-character musings. #NobodyCares

Image: Courtesy of Mashable via Flickr, Atomic Taco


The fine folks at Spanx sent me a new pair of leggings to try from their newly launched line, Star Power Tout & About. Pretty sure I’m going to live in these babies nonstop once the weather turns cool. I should say, I’m not certain if this is intentional or not, but Spanx certainly is smart if they are targeting new mommas, because I’ve never felt slimmer than when I had those leggings on!

Image: Courtesy of Spanx


I am generally not the person you want to send a chain letter … I’m guaranteed to break it. This week I got a chain letter for a book exchange and because who couldn’t get behind gifting a child a book, I sent the six-month-old on my list this little finger puppet one. Good karma coming my way!