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The Pop Five

June 14, 2013


My mom arrives on Sunday for a visit. We don’t have set plans for the week, but I’m thinking both she and Margaret would enjoy a trip here. And we’re of course celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday. Dan requested farmers market pastries (doughnuts!)  for brunch and my Grammy’s chocolate sheet cake post-dinner. He’s so easy to please!


I’ve covered French life here and here, so I find this Vanity Fair piece particularly poignant. Plus, who could resist reading these two fabulous sentences?

Unlike her neurotic American sisters, a French bachelorette would never be caught dead moping on the sofa, digging into a tub of Häagen-Dazs because some doofus didn’t call, and she never goes out looking as if she just crawled out of a laundry hamper. And unlike some of her slaggy British cousins, she doesn’t get bombed on alcohol and barf on the pavement as the capper to an evening’s entertainment.


My friend, Jen, curated an event in Atlanta called Root City Market that’s tomorrow. I cannot wait to check out all the goods including pieces from my favorite jewelry designer, Asha Patel.


Isn’t Keira Knightley’s wedding style cooler than cool? I die.

Image: Courtesy of Landov


My nieces adore their American Girl dolls. This exhibit by photographer Ilona Szwarc is on display in NYC until July 3 and looks incredible. I so wish I could see it in person!

Image: Ilona Szwarc, Courtesy of the Foley Gallery


As someone who just this week was assigned a 900-word article for $75 (for those of you with mathematician minds, that’s not even a penny a word), this article, about a journalism degree being the worst return on an investment one can make, is a sad, but likely true, read.

Image via Mashable, iStockphoto, amdandy