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The Pop Five

July 5, 2013


Dan and I find ourselves doing what I call a life check-in twice a year, both times coinciding with chunks of time away from the office. Once, around the holidays we sort of assess where we are heading into the New Year, and also each July when we take our annual vacation to my in-law’s condo on Siesta Key.

This past week we’ve enjoyed a much-needed respite from our everyday and despite an unseasonal dose of heavy rain throughout our stay, here are the highlights.


I’m a sucker for capturing sea oats in the foreground of a photo.


One can’t eat at the institution known as Phillippi Creek without a photo in front of the famed turtle.


The landscaping all along the island is so beautiful and this bird-of-paradise lives just outside our backdoor.


Rain clouds breaking just in time for a sunset.


I love the pink and white colors on this fella.