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The Pop Five

September 27, 2013


This weekend I plan on taking it easy. Dan’s work is always nutty this time of year and I’m wrapping up several big projects, so I don’t really want to make a bunch of plans. Plus, I’m still reeling from Wednesday’s season finale of, Broadchurch. Did not see that one coming.


It’s officially #sweaterweather. I’m digging this one. Speaking of #hashtags, this video that flooded every social media outlet recently is hilarious.


Fall, sweaters, and football! My gorgeous niece, Emily, made USA Today!


Different people have different measures of success. I’m just putting it out there that the second I can afford a Jenny Packham dress and have an actual need to wear it I’ll have made it (if only in my mind). This one is so striking.


My sister-in-law recently introduced me to Pepperplate. I can’t wait to noodle around on this site and app.


Don’t these Honey Chai Roasted Almonds look amazing?