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The Pop Five

October 19, 2012

I feel as though my life is in a bit of a hurry up and wait stage. There’s a bunch going on with last minute baby preps and house stuff, but at the same time, it all feels very different than the pace I’m accustomed. I’m normally juggling multiple work projects and last-minute deadlines. Right now, I’m just trying to relish in this quieter space, which is admittedly feels very in-between existences of my old life and new.

My friend, HollyBeth Anderson, sent me the sweetest bundle of goodies for the baby and I from her fabulous line, HollyBeth Organics. Love!

Image: Courtesy of Phillip Vullo

My twin sister, Ann, and business partner, Kirby, signed a lease on their gallery space! That’s right, the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art is slated for a winter 2012 opening!

We feasted on an incredible hearty weeknight vegetarian dish of mushroom stroganoff and enjoyed the leftovers throughout the week. It was almost better reheated. I love meals like that.

It’s amazing that discovering a ratty tennis ball on our routine morning walk could make Otis so proud of himself. He strutted all the way home with this dirty ol’ thing in his mouth.

My husband surprised me with a lovely bouquet of flowers for our anniversary yesterday. The arrangement even contained sunflowers, native to the state where we got married.