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Toxic Beauty

May 18, 2011

My beloved facial cleanser has been touted across every beauty magazine for decades as the best drugstore buy, and now, the truth comes out that it’s loaded with what’s been called the equivalent of “toxic sludge.” Bleh.

A while back I attended an event called “Get the Lead out of Lipstick” at a private estate. The concept and campaign are both wonderful, but the crowd was interesting to say the least; I found it jarring to listen to all the talk about toxins in beauty products without noticing the Botoxed hypocrisy, as a lot of the women in this set sported injections, which last time I checked, are in fact, the opposite of chem-free.

But it did force me to look at what products I use (or used to use) and how much gunk is hidden in our beauty regime. It’s more than overwhelming to think about products you use from dental floss to moisturizer that could contain carcinogens and what all this means to us as a people and a planet. Here are some products I do love and that are (for now) safe. To find out more, go to

No. 4 L’eau de Mer hydrating shampoo
Kevin Murphy anti gravity
Raw Essentials refreshing face wash
Dr. Hauschka moisturizing day cream
Butter lacquer in blowing raspberries
PLA Beauty glam lip gloss