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Worth the TiVo

January 13, 2009

Baby it’s cold outside – at our house that usually means one thing…lots o’ television time. With the world in repeats, season endings and such, thought it would be a good time to do a TiVo roundup of sorts of shows worth watching, if you’re not already.

It took me a while to get into Mad Men, but now that I’ve gone back through season one on Netflix, I love it. The interpretation of 1960’s Manhattan advertising world has inspired everything from fashion spreads in magazines to the return of the martini lunch. Jon Hamm as Don Draper has become the definition of tall, dark and handsome. Plus, I love stories like the feel-good timeline of Hamm’s career (first the struggling actor waiting tables, then a classic “working actor,” then, BOOM – role of his life).

I think Summer Heights High is one of the funniest shows on TV. We all knew a Mr. G., Ja’mie and Jonah in high school…I cannot figure out who I like the best…maybe Ja’mie because she’s so self absorbed and hilarious. Love the episode where she pretends to be raising money for AIDS research, but really it was for the school dance she wanted to throw – so bad!

Discovery channel’s repeat of Planet Earth is phenomenal – truly fascinating stuff. As a former television producer, I am in awe at how many man-hours these spectacular shots must’ve taken.

New season of No Reservations just started. I love Anthony Bourdain. Although, his edge has worn off just a wee bit now that he’s given up the smoky treats, but he’s still my favorite.

Weeds is one of the best-written shows on TV, hands down. I’m always on the edge of my seat for what’ll get thrown at Nancy Botwin next or what she’ll throw at someone else (if you saw the Season 4 cliffhanger ending, you’ll know just what I mean). Sidenote – why is it that Jeffery Dean Morgan is always typecast as the dead guy? Um hello Denny Duckett.

Shows I loathe…

Okay, I admit, I got roped into the whole Daisy/Ambre nonsense with Rock of Love 2 and Lacey/Heather showdown in Rock of Love 1. But, Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels made me pretty much want to throw up. Skanky, gross, girls doing skanky gross things…to each other. Seriously, you’re on national television. After episode one, I just felt dirty and embarrassed about the hour I will never get back of my life. And Bret, I get it, you’re unlucky in love…maybe take off the eyeliner and wig, and then we’ll talk.

As someone who lives inside the Atlanta perimeter (I-285), I’m here to tell you folks; these ladies are in fact, neither housewives, nor residents of Atlanta. Ugh Bravo for renewing The Real Housewives of Atlanta for another season.