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Paper Dolls

April 16, 2013


My grandmother, Mary, had a collection of paper dolls with vintage clothes she had framed and hung in the guest bedroom I used to stay in as a child.

My sisters and I would fight over which doll was the prettiest and which one we’d play with if ever we were allowed to let them out of their framed home. We’d pick outfits out for them and create a life for them beyond the pane of glass.

My friend, Kenn, has a series of modern paper dolls. (Of course he does, he’s the most creatively brilliant person I know.) These hand-drawn beings complete with contemporary details like sleeve tattoos give Grandma Mary’s vintage ones an updated run for their money. I know many a kid who would love to get their hands on them. This site,, has a great collection, too.

I just might have to get a little Seith paper family made. It’ll be easy, as there are no inked-up arms among us.

Image: Courtesy of Mini Me Paper Dolls Boutique