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The Pop Five

November 16, 2012

My week has been quite the whirlwind since the last Pop Five installment. I think today is Friday, but don’t quote me on it. Otis, Dan, and I are all adjusting to our new little family with baby Margaret’s arrival. Here are the highlight’s from the past few days.

Dan gifted me a symbolic necklace after the birth of our sweet baby girl. One diamond each for myself, him, and Margaret. #babybling.

I found something to wear to my in-laws 50th anniversary party next week! In case you were wondering, it is tough (but not impossible) to find a beautiful dress to wear while nursing (without it being dreadfully mom-ish). Zara comes through in the clutch.

I knew I wasn’t going to hang Margaret’s name in her nursery over her crib, but I couldn’t resist my favorite ee Cummings poem framed, which mentions her name (alongside Millie, Molly, and May). I love this custom piece from Raw Letter Press.

To me, there’s something so utterly creepy, yet absolutely adorable about newborn hands. Margaret’s are no different. They look like wrinkled old lady hands at six days old.

I’ve been able to repurpose several pieces of furniture for the nursery that had been living in our attic. My great-grandmother’s bookcase is in the process of getting a facelift courtesy of the fabulous Kristen Davis. And this Ivory soapbox from my father-in-law’s days at Procter & Gamble will transform into the perfect end table.