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The Pop Five

August 23, 2013


I had a very busy, but mostly fun week. For starters, Margaret had a play date with her friend, Aria. Because I’m new to the whole mom scene, I didn’t quite know how these things work. (Do we bring something?) It ended up being great fun to catch up with Aria’s mom, Kelly, and see the girls play. (And by play I mean Margaret terrorizing their dog, trying to sit on Aria’s lap a couple of times, and screeching at the top of her lungs all around their house.)

Here’s to using your inside voice this weekend.



Prince gets Meta on his new album cover. Genius.


Is it wrong that I could watch this GIF for an hour and not get bored?


My favorite writing client to date is a blowout and makeup salon called GlowDry. I’ve done all the creative copy for their website, which included conceptualizing the ready, set, glow tagline, coming soon storefront signage, email newsletter, social media sites. I’m so excited that it opens tomorrow! I got my hair done during the soft open this week and aren’t their shirts so cute? Plus, we had great press on DailyCandy this week.


I wrote about my brilliant friend, Liz, here. Well, now, she’s released her first book! And it’s gorgeous! I’ve downloaded it on my Kindle and you should too. Or, if you prefer a hard copy, you can purchase it here.


I don’t snack a ton, but sometimes in the late afternoon I really want something. This list of 85 healthy snacks is fantastic.