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The Pop Five

February 15, 2013

This week’s juggling act of writing and Margaret seemed Herculean. Most of the time I feel like I’ve struck the jackpot with a relatively easy baby and a career that’s flexible, but this week tried to make me a liar on both accounts. I’m quite certain Margaret is teething and in a growth spurt, making her what I call, Grumpasaurus Rex. That and I’ve finally come to face the honest fact that I cannot write whenever the whim may strike me, which has pretty much always been the case. As a creative person who really likes to dive into projects, admitting and actually letting go of that freedom is very tough.

We have pretty low-key plans this weekend. We’ll likely watch this, which is about the only Wes Anderson movie I haven’t seen. And my best friend offered to sit for Margaret on Saturday night, so Dan and I will be having our first grown-up date night since October! Here are the highlights from my week.

My friend Liz launched a creative studio in Cincinnati and she’s working on the collateral materials for this fantastic denim company. I just love the vibe I get from both sites.

So these arrived this week. Oh dear. This is gonna get ugly. #elasticwaistband

Petals on morning dog walk.

Margaret is getting into the habit of giving riveting speeches in the middle of the night. The word of my week is orator.

ATL-based the Quiet Hounds celebrate its first anniversary with a live stream performance on February 24. I cannot wait. Find out more at