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The Pop Five

June 7, 2013


After what was a very fun weekend, the week that followed was rough. On the home front, Margaret cut her first tooth on Wednesday (second on Thursday) and the two days leading up to the big breakthrough were spent with her being incredibly fussy and clingy. When the first was finally visible, it was like I had my daughter back … all grins and playing coy showing off the new additions to her gums.

On the work front, I had a project move into a different direction than I hoped and had more than one difficult conversation surrounding it all. It’s awful, but I’m often reminded of my father’s, bad news doesn’t get better over time rule. I’m hoping to lay low this weekend, but on Sunday I have a 100th birthday party to attend. Isn’t that incredible?



On Tuesday, I got a glimpse of Metamorphoses and Mighty Myths & Legends from Georgia Shakespeare before they open this summer. So good!


For all that Shakespeare-watching in the park, wouldn’t these adult sippy cups be great?

As someone who gets enough pick your brain emails to consider a side business as a creative consultant, Marie Forleo’s advice is fantastic.


I love Sofia Coppola’s take on privacy in Sunday’s T Magazine. Also, it’s interesting that this year, Lee Radziwill and Coppola traded interviewing each other for the same publication. PS – Isn’t that photograph stunning?

Image of Sofia Coppola in her West Village apartment: Photograph by Jason Schmidt; makeup by Aaron de Mey at Art Partner; hair by Ayumi Yamamoto at Defacto for Shu Uemura.


We’re just starting to think about babyproofing our house a bit, which means we’ll need a new coffee table soon. Wouldn’t one of these custom trays from BirdAria look cute holding remote controls and coasters?