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A Respite

March 30, 2011

Several of my friends saw the Dalai Lama (if you were my husband, you’d insert the Bill Murray-Caddyshack line here) speak last year when he was in Atlanta and the take away (according to them) was that life is about finding the sweet spots along the way, not nirvana at the end.

The journey is the message, and I think there’s something in that. So far, this year’s been particularly busy. I’m trying to wrap up several major writing projects, and ease into a new position, as well as start a new chapter in our family. But, I’ve found it’s always busy (in some fashion) and there’s often a monkey wrench … not every year is a job layoff and cancer, but some are just difficult conversations or a conflict with a sibling. Here are a few things giving me respite lately…

Beach time. I recently headed to Siesta Key for a few days. Transitioning back into Atlanta life has been tough … working in the home office wearing a bikini and sipping cocktails just isn’t the same.

Nothing transforms my mood like a well-written book. After hearing a great NPR interview with him (interestingly called ‘Fame’ Connects Joan of Arc to Britney Spears) I’m now buried in this gem from Tom Payne.

Dog walks (and cuddles) with our boy. One of the joys of writing from home–an instant cure to writer’s block.

Loving a few new Atlanta restaurant openings as of late–two worth a mention for a quick, tasty bite–Victory Sandwich Bar (frozen Jack and Cokes!) and Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand. Image: Courtesy of Rama N. Roy

Book design comps! A year plus writing project is finally coming into fruition!

Despite waking up before the sun, ohm relief at Exhale Spa is one the favorite parts of my day. Image: Courtesy of Exhale