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All About Accessories

January 16, 2009

Travel can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with the things you can actually control (this doesn’t include how fast your cab driver can get you to the airport after you’ve overslept or forgetting to pack your passport). By investing in good quality accessories to accompany well-made luggage, you too can travel with ease.

Here are some must have travel companions…

Luggage Tags
These are a great, inexpensive way to spruce up basic luggage. There are so many to choose from these days to really show your personality.

Document Holders
I like multi-functional items when I travel. Document holders are fantastic because you can keep all boarding passes, passports, currency, hotel information and the like in one handy spot. Plus, some are cute enough to double as a clutch once you reach your destination.

Cabin Comforts
For long flights, a sleep mask, blanket and pillow can make all the difference in the world – especially if your long flight includes summoning the mental energy required NOT to physically muzzle the 6-year-old kicking the back of your seat. Noise canceling headphones might be a better option (less jail time too) and they’ll also help keep chatty seatmates at bay.

Sound & Scent
Two new essential travel companions are candles and speakers. The candle is for all the accidental smoking room bookings or when the room says non-smoking but the past resident chose to flout the rules. The speakers are for when you need to get your Barry White on if you know what I mean…mood tunes trump the lull of the icemaker in the hallway. Another reason to pack tunes?  I cannot tell you how quick the person with the iPod speakers becomes the after- party hero. Be that guy.

Manicure Set
It never fails that you will need tweezers and nail clippers when traveling.
Get a sleek, small kit and you’ll never have to ask the concierge for the nearest nail salon again – and jeez, you’re on vacation, do you something you can’t do at home! Nip the hangnail, pluck the eyebrows and get on with it.

To reiterate what you mother likely told you countless times…always pack an umbrella. This one is cute enough to make you want a few sprinkles – but only just a few.

Packing Cubes
I pretty much use packing cubes only when traveling internationally just because I want to load up on stuff I cannot buy at home, but they really are a great packing aid for any trip – it could be the space difference you need to pack your favorite cardigan or add an extra pair or two of socks.

Keep Hydrated
Jet lag and dehydration are linked – be sure to load up on your water intake while en route.

Laptop Sleeve
As much as we try to unplug when traveling, it’s tough to leave the laptop at home. I just got this Sukie sleeve as a gift, and I love it! Makes toting the computer almost enjoyable.

Writing it Down
I always travel with a journal – to doodle, jot down thoughts, ideas and just to remember what I’m doing and seeing.