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Baby Love

March 26, 2013


After Margaret was born, several people, including my favorite editor, offered me the perspective line that the days are long and the years are short. That certainly seems to be the case in our lives right now. There are some days when they truly feel like three rolled up in one (wait, did I REALLY go to yoga this morning and we’re just now making dinner–yoga felt like five days ago!).

There’s something special about every stage, this I already know. The dazed and confused, puffy-faced newborn when we’re looking at each other like, OK guess we’ll figure this out together, to now, an exploring, opinionated little being (all without uttering one word).

If Margaret were a cartoon right now, all you’d see is a light bulb above her head. It’s absolutely crazy to watch a baby start to connect the dots. She’s discovered her ears recently and will spend a fair amount of time flicking them back and forth, as if she’s checking to make sure they didn’t go anywhere without her. And her bottom lip, she is experimenting sucking on it and pursing it; it’s all so very cute. She opens her mouth wide, like a little trout when she’s hungry or wants her pacifier. Her methods of communication are very effective and her personality (so far) is quite calm.

Honestly, most days, I feel like she’s the smartest person in the room.