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Art of Style, Ginny Branch

September 17, 2013


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want to escape into a world of fantasy. That dreamy quality life often offers before the muddiness of things like reality set in. Ginny Branch somehow captures this lovely state with both romance and whimsy. The prop and wardrobe stylist creates magical moments through natural elements with vignettes for event and editorial clients (Design*Sponge, West Elm, Whole Foods, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, to name a few), which, ultimately look like a Pinterest board brought to life.

I find Branch’s work powerfully inspiring and am particularly interested in the new direction of her business: live event workshops called CAMP. I was lucky enough to interview her recently where we talk collaboration, visual storytelling, and of course, the nuances of creativity.


danapop: I want to get lost in your vignettes – how did you develop your aesthetic? Are there particular things (pieces, props, eras) you’re drawn to?

Ginny Branch: Well that is really kind! I have always been a bit of a sentimentalist and been drawn to antiques that have been well-worn and loved. Also I tend to be attracted to handmade wares, especially ones that show the work of the hand. I truly love imperfection in every way because it feels more comforting.

dp: I can’t imagine there being a straight line to follow in your field – how did you get started and where do you want to end up?

GB: I went from studying fashion + fibers at SCAD in Savannah, to retail and visual merchandising in NYC, to photo styling in Atlanta. In a dream world I would continue the path I’m on. I love styling but I’m also so excited for CAMP and the potential that it holds. Sharing knowledge and learning from others is kind of a dream. I am a people person to the nth degree so being around creative and passionate people really brings me to another level of joy. I’m really thankful for the CAMP team, their talents, and what they are sharing with others.


dp: How did the idea for CAMP come about and what do you hope someone gains by attending a workshop?

GB: CAMP came to fruition when a group of us wanted to collaborate and create an organization that provided classes, workshops, retreats, and lectures for creatives. A place that supported a variety of creative pursuits that aren’t necessarily offered in a traditional learning center. We hope to create experiences and cultivate relationships that nurture right-brained thinkers and makers. Our hope is that attendees are able to hone their crafts or learn new skills while developing meaningful connections and expanding their circle of friends.

dp: I imagine there’s a level of stress and high-energy on photo shoot days. How do deadlines help or hinder your creativity?

GB: The prep can be a little stressful depending on budget constraints or time constraints. I’m not always given a long lead time to pull props, but thankfully I have a fairly substantial inventory to rely on and a wealth of great resources and relationships I’ve developed over time.


dp: What is your favorite type of client and why?

GB: Food and bridal editorial because those are my two favorite ways of storytelling. There is a romance and a gentleness to both that I connect with. I thought I wanted to be a fashion stylist but I really found my voice in food and bridal. I love collaborating with my clients and I am always grateful when a client is willing to venture out of their comfort zone for a shot.

dp: How does Atlanta influence you creatively?

GB: Atlanta influences me because of the people in it. I was a little hesitant about moving back to Atlanta from NYC but I am completely in love with my hometown (minus the hot summers and a poor showing of public transportation). I love the pace, which allows for a little more thinking time and room to create. Atlanta has a great cost of living compared to other big cities and amazing restaurants. Our food scene is pretty righteous.


dp: When you’re not working, where can you be found?

GB: Either at home with my cute husband and our beloved beagles. Or hanging out with my sweet gal pals.

dp: What’s the one thing you rely on the most to do your job?

GB: Teamwork. The people I work with is 75% of why I love my job. I’m constantly inspired and learning from the talented folks I collaborate with.

Images: All Photographs Courtesy of Ali Harper