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Maddie on Things

March 7, 2013


The site,, makes me so happy. The man behind the lens, Theron Humphrey, just embarked on his cross-country tour in support of his book, slated to release on March 26. I had a chance to chat with Humphrey about shooting subjects on the move (like his sweet coonhound, Maddie) and life behind the wheel.

danapop: How did the concept for the site begin?

Theron Humphrey: It grew organically over time. Maddie was always with me as we were traversing America telling stories. One day I figured I should document the truck I was traveling in and my companion so I picked her up, put her on the roof of my truck and she just stood there. It all grew from that one moment. Over time as we visited all 50 states I kept photographing her.

danapop: How are you able to time the photos of Maddie when I imagine she’s a wiggle worm?

Humphrey: I’ve been photographing Maddie for awhile now and she always seems to calm down for me when I pull my camera out. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s a dog and loves to run around and hunt squirrels. But she is always up for taking a few photos and getting a treat.

danapop: How many shots do you actually take to capture the perfect image that you post on the site?

Humphrey: Not too many actually. I bet on average I take 15 or 20 shots.

danapop: Where do you think the industries of blogging and art, and particularly digital photography, are heading?

Humphrey: I think we’re gonna keep seeing more and more top shelf blogs focused on creating amazing content and telling stories. Making work that is connected and authentic. 

danapop: What are three must-haves while on the road?

Humphrey: A dog. A spare can of gas. And a open heart.

Image: Courtesy of Theron Humphrey