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Mojito Mocktail

October 25, 2012

I so miss alcohol. I know I’m probably not supposed to say that. I’m supposed to be one of those pregnant women who claim they didn’t even want it and the thought of a glass of wine made them nauseous. Believe me, the experience of carrying this baby for the past nine plus months has been worth every sacrifice, but I so miss alcohol. I can’t even remember what I like to drink anymore.

But, not partaking has made me think of it a bit different and my habits surrounding it before I got pregnant. Covering Bonnaroo for four days surrounded by overindulgent festivalgoers was quite an experience. So was being the sober fly on the wall at countless media dinners where the wine was flowing as irresponsibly as Amanda Bynes’ bad driving.

In lieu of it though, I’ve become a master at the mocktail. My favorite is a virgin mojito. It’s just a bunch of muddled mint, the juice of about one lime, and soda water. It makes me feel like I’m drinking something much more special than bubbly water with herbs and an acid. My friend Asha told me about this all-natural pre-made mix from Mo’ Mint & Thyme. I’m now obsessed with it. It’s so refreshing and available at local farmers markets if you live in the Atlanta area.

I actually feel like I’ll continue sipping this one post-pregnancy when I want something fancy in a glass, but don’t want the alcohol.