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The Pop Five

May 31, 2013


I cannot believe Memorial Day was this week. I’m a firm believer in the summer Friday (which I actually take year round). Come Friday around 2 p.m. I find myself stepping away from the computer and starting my weekend. My sister and I often joke that if we were to ever start a company together we’d for sure instate bikini Friday. Meaning, grab your laptop, cocktail and head to the pool! Here’s to the start of summer!


I never read Jeannette Wall’s memoir, The Glass Castle, and honestly I’m not sure I could stomach it. This piece, Mommy Nearest, about Walls’s mother living in a cottage on her farm was a very tough article to read, but so beautifully written. It’s one of those pieces that I felt so uncomfortable and sad the whole time I was reading it, but had to get to the end.

Image: Courtesy of Ilona Szwarc for The New York Times


There’s always money in the banana stand! On Sunday, Arrested Development became available for streaming on Netflix and it’s like the return of an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, but feel as if no time has passed. We’re on episode six and hoping Franklin and Annyong show up soon!

Image: Courtesy of Marion Curtis/


This is one of my favorite photos of my parents. Every Memorial Day, I think of my father’s 21-year career as a journalist in the Army and wish he were still around to tell me about it all.


I’m convinced Margaret is going to wind up sounding like Demi Moore once she starts talking. These days she’s certainly finding her voice. And by voice I mean something that sounds like a feral catfight with screeching and squawking at the top of her lungs. I’ve taken to calling her the little lynx because she sounds like a wild animal. So sad this one born recently at the Nashville Zoo passed away this week from pneumonia.

Image: Courtesy of Amiee Stubbs/HotSpot /Landov


Nathan Fielder’s last text prank cracked me up and this one might top it.