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The Pop Five

July 12, 2013


Who knew so many danapop readers share a fear of public speaking? Several of you emailed me about Tuesday’s article, which was very sweet and encouraging. I cannot thank you enough for that; we’re all in this together, it seems.

Last week we were in Siesta Key celebrating Independence Day and experiencing our own caravan holiday. While I love traveling (I’m not complaining about eight days at the beach!), it is always very nice to come home. With that in mind, this week’s Pop Five installment shares the local love.


According to the August issue of Food & Wine, there’s currently a bit of a shrub revival, and one of the best bottled mixers comes from Shrub & Co. (produced in Decatur, Ga.). Yum!

Image: Courtesy of Doug Sturgess


On Tuesday, the Huffington Post published a gorgeously written piece by Atlanta native and author of,  A Place at the Table, Susan Rebecca White.


My friend and former ATL-city-dweller, Lisa Baxter Janovec, recently launched, You’re Not on the Guest List, a blog about her new life in Dallas. It’s a very fun read to add to your favorites repertoire.


The fine folks at Uber just launched uberX, similar to their original black car service (but with fuel-efficient models of vehicles) and are giving danapop readers a special promo code to use through December 2013 for a $20 discount. How generous is that? The code is DanaSuberX.


I’m not certain why it took me so long to discover, but my friend Cathy Anderson of, Poor Little It Girl, is one part of the founding team behind the Southern Blog Society. I’ve recently become a member, and if you reside in any of the Southern states, you should too. Brilliant idea!

Image: Southern Blog Society founders Cathy Anderson and Jessica Camerata