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The Pop Five

October 4, 2013


If superheroes were real living things, I must let you know that I’ve been one for the past week or so. Here’s what I was up against: one very sick Margaret, which made me very sick, two visits to the doctor (for Margaret), one allergic reaction to antibiotics (again, Margaret), Dan in DC for work, the first bit of press about a book project I’m working on published, which led to loads of phone calls and emails and all sorts of other great stuff with me having to respond talking like Demi Moore because I can’t breathe through my nose. Oh, and Otis ate a pair of Margaret’s socks and lived to tell (err bark) about it.

Please do not take this as me complaining. Having a week like this makes me feel as if I can accomplish anything in life. If I can manage all this, there truly isn’t anything I cannot do. And there’s no greater gift than that message. I’m grateful for this week and all the support I’ve had (from near and far) about the Clermont book.

But, if everything went away tomorrow, I’ll know I’ve been promoted to superhero status. So there’s that.

Enjoy your weekend!



I started watching Scandal quite late. I only finished season two on Netflix Wednesday, just in time to be up to speed for season three’s premiere last night. Good thing I didn’t play this drinking game or else I’d still be hammered.


Doesn’t the Smithsonian exhibit, Yoga: The Art of Transformation sound so interesting? It opens Saturday, October 19 in Washington, D.C.


I ♥ Tennessee Williams. If I lived in NYC, I’d want to see this! The modern set looks stunning.

Image: Courtesy of Michael J. Lutch


A horticulture firm in England created a tomato and potato hybrid called the TomTato. I’m intrigued and think it would be amazing in a steak salad!

Image: Courtesy of BBC


An artist mom collaborating with her four-year-old is genius.

Image: Courtesy of via Buzzfeed