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Travel Identity

January 26, 2010

The Seattle Public Library

I’ve always loved to travel; maybe it’s the Sagittarius in me. But, lately I’ve come to the realization that we travel a lot. And I’m not exaggerating when I say a lot. Last year, on average, our travel worked out to be almost one trip a month-and almost all of it was to visits to family and friends. Most likely this has to do with the fact that my husband and I both come from large families (four kids in each of our families, plus nieces and nephews all around) and have close friends in our hometowns we still regularly keep in touch with. So between weddings, graduations, baby showers, birthdays, family vacations, and holidays, being out of town often is a bit of an understatement for us.


Charleston, South Carolina

This year though, I’m trying to find a balance with the travel. Because in 2009-despite a recession and job loss-here’s where we went last year (in no particular order):

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cincinnati, Ohio
Santa Cruz, California
Birmingham, Alabama
New Orleans, Louisiana
Seattle, Washington
Vancouver, BC
Siesta Key, Florida
Charleston, South Carolina
Destin, Florida

New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans Museum of Art

Ten destinations, none necessarily booked with work intentions (but we managed to make a couple of them work-related), but overall mostly “pleasure” trips. And that’s pretty normal, actually. This year we know we’re going to a wedding in Krakow, Poland in August and a family long-weekend sometime in July. And right now, that’s all I want on my travel calendar.

Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, BC

Queen Elizabeth Park–Vancouver, BC

I’ve decided we just cannot make it all. So, I’m instilling a bit of a new travel identity. One that allows us to make what we can with friends and family obligations, yet have a little balance between our travel and own home life. And not feel guilt ridden about it. High on my travel identity request, I’d like a trip for two (hopefully booked off said Krakow wedding). Well, hello Budapest.

What inspires you to travel? Is it work, friends, or family? And how do you balance your travel coupled with family and friend obligations against your own?