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Tuck into Fall

September 28, 2010

In Atlanta, like most of the country, it’s still unseasonably warm (though as I write, it’s a lovely 58°) at any rate, the dog days aren’t quite over. I’m longing for the flavors and style this equinox is supposed to bring. Spicy, crisp, heavy on the clover, and a crunch beneath my feet, that’s how I want this season to feel, smell, and taste. An ode to hints of autumn that you just want to wrap up all cozy and warm and smother in kisses.

1. Check Belted Drape Coat
2. Cincinnati Chili
3. 19 Block Cuvée Wine
4. Hard Cider
5. Pumpkin Leather Folding Tote
6. Taupe Woven Scarf
7. Gingerbread Cupcake Mix
8. Georgia Cane Syrup
9. Fig Scented Candle
10. Riding Boots